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Dräger Detection Tubes

  • High Levels of Accuracy. Drager Tubes with the accuro pump deliver the most accurate results.
  • Quality assurance is accomplished by individually calibrating each batch of Drager Tubes
  • Easy To Read
  • Fast – One stroke tubes are not always faster!
  • Flexible
  • Drager offers over 200 tubes for accurately measuring over 500 different gases
  • You can measure ambient air for health and safety levels
  • Reagents used in Drager Tubes are chosen to provide not only the most accurate, but also the most specific results possible
  • Maintenance Free. The accuro pump requires no lubrication.
  • The Accuro is constructed of non-metallic, corrosion resistant materials. It cannot be bent by rough treatment and it withstands harsh chemical environments
  • Drager Tubes are pre-calibrated for two years