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How Human Temperature Screening Systems Can Prevent Outbreak

 The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way people live their lives. At one point, they overestimated their own well-being, and today, ignoring this fact can have lasting negative effects especially when you let potentially infected individuals roam around a shopping mall, or come to work … undetected. The truth now is that an ill person can infect one or two co-workers in the office in a matter of seconds, a customer in a convenience store, students inside a classroom, and commuters on a bus.

This is why screening systems such as access control have been in great demand these days. The use of these systems can prevent individuals from spreading pathogens or other viruses and create more serious problems.

Contactless Temperature Reading

Fever is one of the most frequent symptoms of a person who has a viral infection. A key indicator that one has coronavirus is a raised body temperature. The average body temperature among adults is in the range of 36.5oC (97oF) and 37.5oC (99oF). A temperature that goes up to 37.5 (99.5OF) or 38OC is considered a fever. How can we address this? The answer: Non-contact temperature scanners. These detection devices can now go a long way towards checking the temperature of each person even before he or she can access a premise or a plant. Temperature detection systems are unique in their ability to detect human body temperatures and know if the person has a fever without making any physical contact.

MVP has developed thermal scanners that check body temperatures and offer quickness to stop any spread of infection and prevent the pandemic. MVP’s Access Control System can measure body temperature by using people’s faces through infrared and thermal sensor technology. If an increased temperature is checked from the entrance, it immediately alerts and denies the person from access. One of its major features is its capability to auto-detect faces even with a safety mask on. This facilitates less human intervention or hiring additional operating personnel, offering extra safety and a level of accuracy as it allows a safe social distance compared to using a handheld thermometer, which does not allow the recommended safety distance. Handheld thermometers by checkers in the entrance are no longer advisable in larger environments for they are at risk to viral infections.

The system all in all offers business 

  • Accuracy. The system can measure within a distance
  • Speed. The data you gather are in real-time
  • Easy implementation. Access control can be integrated into your existing door security system

To learn more about MVP Smart Access Control System and its capabilities, click here. You can schedule a Free Demo from our Sales staff.


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