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Why Analog Two-Way Radios Remain A Trustworthy Productivity Tool

Even with the emergence of digital and push-to-talk technologies, the analog device has remained a truly dependable communications device for faster coordination and efficiency. Consider when there is a huge crowd your security staff needs to keep under control during an event or speaking with other team members situated in different places when smartphones sometimes are not consistent because of poor network signals. These examples are ‘real-life’ situations an analog two-way radio could easily meet – and with remarkable ease.

Traditional but All-rounder

The radios have been in existence since the Second World War. They were portable transceivers used for infantry work, and after the war, adopted to commercial and public safety.

Analog radios may be considered traditional considering all the advancements available in the market, but one cannot miss their range, sound, and quality. Simply put, they are just reliable. Audio quality is more natural and less robotic. They are simple enough for industries that require their people to be responding quickly or requesting over long stretches without having to use their smartphones. Overall, they remain the best all-rounder devices.

This is true especially in aircraft communications. They serve as a critical tool that delivers reliable information while serving as a safety device, keeping everyone in constant touch with fellow colleagues to reduce any form of mistakes. In fact, the newer models have enhanced features when users may be moving in and out of coverage.  The benefits are undeniable:

  • Extensive coverage. Analog handhelds allow your staff the ability to communicate with those who are far away from them. This is important in search and rescue operations.
  • Fast and easy. The latest line of radios is inter-operable. Which means they can be compatible with older devices.
  • No latency. Latency is the actual delay of a fraction of a second caused by analog to digital and back to analog conversion.
  • Cost efficient. The analog radio can save you a lot of expenses. You can use them without having to be concerned about network coverage. They are affordable and their price can go down if you order in larger quantities.

MVP 328 Walkie Talkie is one of major analog 2-way radios from MVP, an award-winning Singapore brand that MacroVista represents as Authorized Partner in the Philippines. Based on tests, the 328 offers exceptional audio quality with the user’s voice sounding more natural. At 270 grams, it is ergonomically comfortable in the hand. Plus, it is lightweight that can be carried around during work shifts. It is also certified with IP54, protecting your walkie talkie from water and dust.

MVP TalkSmart is another radio device from MVP. It offers clear sound quality, facilitating work efficiency and collaboration with team members, thanks to its 16 programmable channels and voice annunciation features. The IP55 rating in the device ensures dust and water resistance.

You can find our analog models here.

Try the MVP 328 Today

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