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Protecting Our Communities With Surveillance Systems

We now live in an era where security is important in keeping our communities safe. The advancements in technology are improving our existing safety processes for a more peaceful and orderly environment. Public welfare after all is in every person’s mind, and we must do what it takes to sustain it.

Tools for the Public to Ensure Privacy and Protection

The good news is, our country is now employing public surveillance systems to monitor movements and more importantly, reduce dangerous incidents such as crime and acts of terrorism. Having this system in place discourages individuals from committing anything that could be harmful even to those who cannot defend themselves (Elderly people and persons with disabilities, for example). Public, as well as private sectors, can now take advantage of the opportunity to protect their people and assets with the use of CCTVs, body cameras, and thermal scanners.

CCTVs are those we see installed in strategic places with the goal of preventing crime and increasing public safety. They can be installed in every street corner, or in lanes where most people pass. They can be mounted in building entrances, airport lobbies, condominiums, villages, supermarkets, government offices, shopping malls, and schools.

Body-worn cameras are wearable devices that can record events and even conversations exactly as they happen. Wearable because you can attach it on the chest or shoulder, and the device does its job in capturing the events in real-time. Body cameras support our front liners – law enforcers, police officers, and security guards – in recording what they see. They are useful especially during peak hours of traffic or dealing with street incidents.

Now, body cameras can be used in other sectors. Using these devices in construction work sites or large manufacturing plants can aid safety managers or supervisors in monitoring the overall situation of the environment as they make rounds, and in case of job-related hazards, they can easily gather incidents and report to the headquarters.

Thermal scanners emerged in the market this year because of the health risks caused by Covid19. These are non-invasive devices that detect, record, and produce careful analysis and image of skin surface temperature patterns. As a security measure, they can be used to screen people in the entrance of the building or lobby before they are granted access.

Our Wide Range of Surveillance Products

MacroVista offers businesses mission-critical surveillance tools to capture moments instantly and efficiently.

We carry CCTVs from Hikvision, a world leader of video surveillance equipment for civilians and the military. It has been a trusted brand for high-quality CCTV products. We can provide you a CCTV that is suitable for your requirement, from IR bullet to dome cameras.

The company is the Authorized Partner of MVP International, a Singapore-based company that develops professional-grade high-quality body-worn cameras and thermal scanners. Our camera models vary and can feature high-definition video recording, high-resolution images, high memory capacity and have high ingress protection standards like IP68 for water and dust protection. For enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions, we offer the Video Management System that combines these body cameras with software providing an interface to view live videos and access recordings. The system also allows administrators to collect videos from the cameras and store them efficiently.

The MVP Smart Access Control System is a powerful combination of thermal scanners and management software. The scanner has an 8-inch screen size that could fit any face, with a measurement response time of 300ms. For accurate capture, its range can go up to 1.5 meters. It measures a temperature range from 16 to 40-degree Celsius with a temperature accuracy of ±0.3-degree Celsius.

Some of its unique features include

  • facial image recording
  • facial storage capacity of 160,000 records
  • face storage capacity of up to 24,000 images
  • contactless temperature reading with alert notifications
  • attendance scheduling
  • easy management and tracking of records
  • door access system activation
  • and more!

thermal scanners are widely used in various establishments in the Philippines

Contact us today for your surveillance requirements

Surveillance is here to stay, and we want private and public sectors in the Philippines to succeed in managing their day-to-day security operations. For your requirements, we are here to help. Visit our product page today to learn more about our growing range of products.


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