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Why Security Agencies Still Prefer Analog Two-Way Radio Communications

To this day, the analog two-way radio has proven itself to be a highly reliable communications tool that facilitates fast coordination in operation within public and private security sectors. While digital radios have expanded the capabilities of two-way voice, analog has remained the most reliable especially in industries where communications are crucial, particularly the security sector.

After all, the analog radio removes unnecessary communication barriers, conveys information quickly, and ensures security satisfaction for clients ranging from shopping malls to condominiums. It can still provide

• clearer voice
• expanded functionality; and
• better coverage

This is why local security agencies in the Philippines consider analog radios for their security officers in their assigned workplace – for efficient coordination, for secure patrolling, and for checking the entire premises.

Mission-critical Communications

Many incidents in the workplace require security teams to communicate the right message in real-time. Fast and effective communication is always a top priority, the one that allows your staff to respond to different types of accidents, disturbances, and other situations with the most accurate information available.

Organizations and teams vary in size and operation, which is why analog devices such as MVP 328 provide a wide range of radio options to meet the needs of each security officer.

The MVP 328 has a lightweight yet sleek and compact design that makes it easy to hold and operate with one hand. It offers channel annunciation and more importantly exceptional audio quality which makes it ideal, especially in noisy environments. It is rated IP54 that provides water and dust ingression.

MVP 328 Specifications

Frequency Range: 400-470Mhz
Channel Spacing: 12.5kHz/25kHz
Battery: 1500mAh
No. of Channels: 16, multi-channel scan
Dimensions: 114mm x 60mm x 40mm
Weight: 270g

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