Fire Escape Hoods: Why Your Business Needs Them

Say there is an unexpected fire that breaks out unexpectedly inside your company, the emergency alarm sounds and your people started panicking, what’s the first protective equipment they can quickly grab a hold of until they make it to safety? Worse, what if that facility happened to be a large plant that uses different chemical substances, will they be able to withstand the toxic smells?

This is where fire escape hoods (or smoke escape hoods) must come in handy. Escape hoods, you ask? It’s respiratory protective equipment made from heat-resistant materials with a clear visor around the eyes. They can easily filter gases and smoke particles as your people reach the place of evacuation. In fact, escape hoods can serve as an extra protective layer if there are terrorist attacks that use biological and chemical weapons.

Protection against toxic gases for up to 15 minutes

A safe escape is critical when the workplace turns toxic for your workers. MacroVista carries the PARAT escape hood, designed as a safeguard from airborne toxins that pose an immediate threat to one’s health. It’s manufactured by Draeger, a leading provider of respiratory protection trusted by organizations around the world.

This protective wear is easy to use, helping people to protect themselves from toxic industrial gases, vapors and other particles for up to 15 minutes.

The protection is in the filter.

When the case is opened, the filter plug is released automatically. The high-performance combination filter reliably protects against a wide range of toxic industrial gases, vapors, and particles. One must understand that its ABEK P3 filter is approved according to the DIN 58647-7 for filtering escape devices; additionally, the filter is tested in accordance with the EN 14387:2004 for gas and combined filters.

The packaging overall includes a security seal that indicates whether the unit has been opened. In addition, the filter is tightly sealed with two filter plugs. The filter begins to move into an operational position so that the hood can be worn quickly and easily. The self-adjusting internal head harness does not require additional tightening.

• Effective protection against specific toxins like acid gases and organic vapors
• Protection against high concentrations
• Protection for the eyes, face, and head
• Highly visible and flame-retardant
• Allows the user to communicate verbally
• Easy to wear
• Easy to carry
• Lightweight
• Low maintenance, easy to store
• Long service life

• Single use only
• Cannot be used in 02 deficient atmospheres

The PARAT escape hood can be used in chemical plants, manufacturing factories, and emergency responders. But they can serve as a standard PPE even in cruise ships and airlines as well as high-rise office buildings and hotels.

Even the presidential suite rooms of every hotel should be equipped with a PARAT escape hood.

A Life-saving Respiratory Device That Everyone Needs Today

Tragic accidents could happen at any moment. Now is the time to protect the lives of your people with escape hoods in case of fire, chemical leaks, or other life-threatening incidents. If you want to know more, we can provide a free demo and see how this protective wear works for you. Our safety sales executive can help from purchase to training.

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